Mariano De Luca, ADF

About me

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had the chance to traveled the world since I was a little kid and lived a multicultural life. Now I’m based in Los Angeles, CA, but still traveling to shoot.

My film background is a mix of documentaries and narrative films, which I feel gave me the flexibility and unique vision to approach a wide array of different projects.


Gia Gardner

+1 (323) 212-5581


Complete resume for downloading below.


I believe coming from an Argentine family and my love for European cinema, made my approach to  cinematography pretty unique. I have a special approach to natural light (coming from Vérité Docs background) that leads my eye to every frame composition. My visual “voice” is refined, stylized, and most importantly for me, it reflects the storytelling.

I'm an Active Member of the ADF (Argentine Society of Cinematographers).

Part of "ARRAY Crew", "SPORAS - Artisans For Change" and elected Mentee of "The ASC Vision Mentorship Program". 

Not a good cook and will probably loose one grape tomato every time I make a salad.

Bilingual in English and Spanish 24/7. Multiple Passports and ready to travel anywhere!

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